Solidarity greetings from FAU congress to SERETE struggling in Greece

The Union of Workers in Research and Higher Education (SERETE) organized a nationwide strike of precarious academic workers.

Meeting at the FAU annual congress, the delegates and international guests express their solidarity with your struggle in public research institutions and research centres in Greece for higher wages, against exhausting working hours and the lack of health and social insurance. The formation of the Union of Workers in Research and Higher Education (SERETE) was an important step that enabled PhD candidates, postdocs, research fellows, non-permanent tutors and technicians to fight for their working rights and the direction of the research that is conducted at Greek universities. Over the past years, government policies and legislation were strictly subject to the needs of large companies and the private sector. As in Greece, universities and research centres around the globe make profit from this work, while most of the workers struggle each day with wages „below the breadline"!
Therefore, your nationwide strike is an asset to our common fight for fair working conditions. Precarious workers in academia are the pillar upon which research projects and universities are based, they are the ones that drive science towards new perspectives.

Solidarity greetings,

the FAU International Secretary and IC