More action needed on PT Kahatex case!

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Dear Friends,

Several weeks ago we asked you to take action to support the 537 workers
locked out at PT Kahatex in Indonesia. At that time we requested that
protest letters be sent to Kahatex management only, request that they
reinstate the locked out workers, pay them the money they are owed, and
start paying workers the minimum wage.

More action is needed in this case. We need to increase the pressure on the brands producing their garments at PT Kahatex. Please contact these companies - Olsen, Lerros, Tom Tailor and S. Oliver - to demand that they urge Kahatex management to respect workers rights. A sample letter and contact information for
the companies is included below.

(source: United Students Against Sweatshops)

Sample letter for download: PT_Kahatex.rtf

PT Kahatex management is still refusing to reinstate the locked-out workers and has not yet begun paying the minimum wage or legally-required benefits to its employees inside the factory. The employees who have been "invited" back to work have only been a select few of the total 537 employees locked-out; those who don’t seem to be as closely affiliated with the union (PPB) supporting the
locked-out workers and are perceived as being more docile.

This blatant show of union-discrimination is totally unacceptable -- all 537
employees must be given the option of re-employment immediately!
Perhaps even more disturbing, the factory is now demanding that returning workers sign an agreement forfeiting their basic rights, specifically:

(a) Workers must agree to accept the permanent status of
short-term contract employees (meaning they can never accrue seniority,
severance, or merit pay); and

(b) Workers will not affiliate with any union other than two mainstream (ineffective and often corrupt) unions; this specifically prohibits them from associating with PPB, the independent union that has been supporting the locked-out workers.
While letters to Kahatex management have had some impact on the factory's willingness to listen to workers' demands, it is clear that it will take more pressure from all angles to get this company to move. Kahatex must understand that U.S. and European brands will not continue to do business with a factory that insists on so blatantly disregarding workers' rights.


Please contact the brands that produce their garments at PT Kahatex and urge them to immediately contact Kahatex management in order to bring about a resolution to this unacceptable situation. These companies must make it clear to Kahatex that their continued business with PT Kahatex is contingent upon implementation of the agreements on wages and benefits, and allowing all locked-out workers back to the factory without further repercussions. See sample letter below.

Company contact information:


Olsen GmbH & Co. KG

Schnackenburgallee 50

D-22525 Hamburg


Tel.: +49-40-855 60-0

Fax: +49-40-855 60-490

e-mail:, ,,


Lerros Moden GmbH

Im Taubental 35

D-41468 Neuss


Tel: +49-2131-36060

Fax: +49-2131-3606100



Ralf Peter

Tom Tailor AG

Garstedter Weg 14

22453 Hamburg


Fax: +49-4054-2929



Gerd Kiesel

S. Oliver

Bernd Freier GmbH & Co. KG


D-97228 Rottendorf

Tel: 09302 309-0

Fax: 09302 309-426