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Presseerklärung - 21.12.11 von Press FAU Berlin

After a complaint by the FAU Berlin, the UN labor organization ILO reiterates the rights of minority trade unions.

ILO calls on German government to protect union rights

In their November 2011 report, the International Labor Organisation (ILO) called on the German government to ensure that the Free Workers' Union (Freie Arbeiterinnen- und Arbeiter-Union; FAU) is allowed to defend the interest of its members in accordance with ILO Conventions 87 and 89. The Committee on Freedom of Association of the UN agency repeated its previous stance that it was essential that minority trade unions like the FAU be given the right to publicly express their opinion, access the workplace of union members, and participate in meetings of the works' council if it is representative at the level of the relevant enterprise.

Press release in other languages:
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The ILO was reacting to a complaint (Case no. 2805) made in April 2010 by the FAU, a nascent grassroots union federation that is a member of the International Workers' Association. The complaint was made in response to two interlocutory injunctions handed down by local courts during a labor dispute. These banned the FAU Berlin from taking industrial action and even banned it from calling itself a union or grassroots union. The injunctions were brought about by the company the FAU Berlin was involved in a labor dispute with. The injunctions forced the FAU Berlin to stop its industrial action against the company. ver.di – Germany's biggest union – took up negotiations, undercut the FAU's demands and signed a labor agreement with the company without consulting the employees. Although the union naming ban has since been rescinded, the FAU Berlin has more recently been denied the right to attend works' council meetings and works' meetings in the company by the local labor tribunal. Union representatives from the FAU also continue to be denied access to their members' workplaces and were even charged with trespassing there.

"We welcome the decisions of an international body such as the ILO. The committee's recommendations don't only strengthen our position in current conflicts, they embolden all those who want to see militant grassroots unions established in this country', says Andreas Förster, FAU Berlin secretary.

The ILO report on the Internet

The ILO report: www.ilo.org/gb/GBSessions/GB312/ins/WCMS_168206/lang--es/index.htm (See page 47 in the English version for the ruling on the FAU Berlin).



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